I’m passionate about helping people reboot, regroup and reinvent themselves in Leadership, Family, Community and Career after significant tragedies so they can maximize their potential in every single area of your life not only surviving but thriving. ​I strive to lead others to stand in their purpose without self-imposed limits, to succeed despite the odds stacked against them and to live their life knowing they're enough and worthy. ​I believe life’s inevitable pains are an opportunity to pause, regain power and reinvent ourselves. I’m here to help you, thrilled to connect with you and vow to inspire you to create the life that you want and set your soul on fiyaaa!  


Cherie Rickard is an Author, Expert in Adversity Recovery, Speaker, Corporate Educator and Host of Real Girl Talk Podcast Radio Show.  

A master in teaching the art of positive mindset, she found her passion for helping others when her life took a turn no mother can even imagine unless you’ve walked in her shoes. Her 17-year-old son Bryant died tragically in an auto accident coming home one night trying to make curfew. She understands the need to reclaim yourself when life tosses a devastating blow. For 7 years she used a pen and paper and later her laptop to write down every pain, struggle and milestone she encountered after the worst day of her life. Facing a crossroad in life with depression and destruction versus using her pain and regaining power she chose to live in a way that would honor her son's memory and give glory to God. She knows how to make your mess your message and learned to live a life with passion and purpose. It is a message she learned from her own life and one that she uses to help others apply to their own lives.


As the Founder of the Create Your Life Workshop & Empowerment is Beauty LLC, her books, courses, speaking events, Podcast Radio and results-based coaching programs equip others to reinvent, regroup and live the life God intended. 25 years in the Healthcare Industry with the last 13 years in the Medical Business Industry, Cherie has worked with Corporate Executives, Physicians and Business Leaders in collaboration and consulting. Using her experience and education in Grief Recovery Cherie has developed a groundbreaking training workshop for Corporations and Small Business in Bereavement Leave Policy and bereaved employee education. Cherie works 1:1 Coaching programs and continues to speak to Women Organizations and Groups on adversity healing, confidence building and mastering the art of communication.


Featured on NBC, FOX, Style Con Dallas, The Jennifer Sheehan Show, Today’s Purpose Woman and Various Podcast and Broadcast Radio Shows she is a motivational speaker to a wide variety of audiences and contributing writer for Women On Topp Magazine is a member of the Women’s Speaker Association and Non-Fiction Authors Association.  

Cherie released her best-selling book, Wake-Up Call…A Mother’s Grief Journey, published in 2014. Her new book, STRONG WOMEN: How to Live an Empowered Life Beyond Adversity is now available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. ​

Cherie’s philosophy is – “We were all born on purpose, for a purpose. It’s up to us to live the gift of life God gave us” ​​

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