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ISBN: 978-0999226704


My book helps women who want to improve themselves emotionally, spiritually and financially by getting the best information available for a longer, happier more prosperous life. Adversity and tragedy can hit you in the face like a freight train whether it be, loss of loved one, marital difficulties, divorce, illness, fear, hopelessness, poverty, worries or loss of self. Without confidence, healing, self-esteem or the desire to overcome you remain stuck in a lack of motivation, fear and self-doubt, even as you long for change.


ISBN: 978-1503129122

The grief of a mother is the most intense grief known. When a child dies a parent feels a part of themselves has died right to the core of their soul. Wake-Up Call by Cherie Rickard is a moving, inspirational voyage inside the shattered life and broken heart of a mother who tragically and unexpectedly loses her teenage son in a one-car accident. In ways unexpected, practical and real, Cherie gives anyone who has ever experienced the devastating loss of a loved one, real-life, hard-core, often tough spoken but love-laden and extremely practical advice on how to turn life's most tragic blows into triumph by trusting in God and His Word. 



This book offers the steps and tips we all need to heal when our hearts are broken from loss. Cherie Rickard walks readers of every emotional level through the steps to becoming emotionally and spiritually free from wounds. This book delivers invaluable information and essential practices for recovery. More than you currently realize or give yourself credit for. As you read through Healing Your Wound Spirit, you will start to see just how much goodness you have to contribute to others suffering, as you begin to feel your emotional and spiritual wounds healing.