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How Is Your Mindset Keeping You From Success?

I have preached confidence more than hundreds of times but in order to have confidence you must first change your mindset. Basically what you think is what you become. This isn’t a new revelation, just a fact. We all want happiness, peace and financial freedom yet so many make it impossible to achieve what they strive for by simply having a daily negative thought process. We all start out getting up each morning ready to start our day but then BAM, you spill the coffee, read a frustrating email or have a family feud and suddenly we are looking at our daily routine as the worse day of our lives allowing every tiny mishap to become a boulder of negative thoughts. The difference between who you are and who you want to become can be just a change in mindset.

Here are 5 mindset changes that can get you on the road to improving your business and your life.

1. Belief. In order to accomplish any task, you have to first be able to trust yourself and believe in your capabilities. You can create success by simply getting rid of negative voices in your head and pursue the passions you already have inside. If you have an idea and someone doesn’t buy in immediately, don’t give up. If you believe in what your pursuing, you have mastered the first step.

2. Patience. Just because everything hasn’t happened on your time table doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. Impatient people tend to lose the bigger deal that was intended for them. Don’t throw in the towel at the first setback or negative feedback thrown your way. The road to success has many hurdles and challenges. If it were easy, we would all be millionaires.

3. Steadfast. Don’t be distracted by something or someone that steers you off track. Staying focused on the project or end goal is key to being disciplined in your life. If you have a dream, work on it daily. There is only so much time in the day and making your dreams come true will require you to focus on just that for a period of time each day while accomplishing all lives other requirements. What we make a priority in life will always prosper.

4. Feed Your Mind. Studies have shown 79% of the wealthiest spend a minim of 5 hours a month networking with other successful people. Conferences, coffee meetings, webinars or workshops. Spending time with like-minded people allows you to align yourself and learn from others. Success depends on who you surround yourself with. You can change your path to success by being with successful people who can teach you, lift you up and support your vision.

5. Giving Back. On your road to building a career or developing a program or project you will always have the opportunity to stop and mentor someone else who has decided to refocus their own life or start a new goal. Taking time to care for others or being a mentor makes you more resilient. Being selfless is the best way to discover your won strength.