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How to Use Instagram for Your Business

Want to turn your Instagram into a business page without losing followers? It’s critical to navigate growing Instagram for your business the right way, which is why I recorded this show for you on how to set up, grow, and optimize your Instagram strategy to increase your audience, followers and customers, and continue down the path of becoming a lovable brand.

The first step with any social media channel is to determine your goals.

Here are a few examples of goals to accomplish with an Instagram for Business account:

1. Will it be a place to show off your internal company culture?

Often companies will use Instagram as part of a “brand awareness” strategy. It’s an ideal place to share what your company is all about.

2. Do you want to showcase your customers? Perhaps you run an eCommerce business and you’ll be using Instagram as a place to showcase deals and customer success stories, or showcase your products.

3. Will your Instagram be a part of your lead generation strategy? If so, you’ll need to consider that users typically interact with Instagram on a mobile phone. If you have particularly lengthy forms, you may consider shorter content. Short, sweet and to the point.

4. Do you want to gain followers and then decide what strategy to go after?

As of 2016, Instagram introduced their Instagram for Business platform with a built-in Insights tool. Now, you can see who your followers are and which posts resonate best with your audience. To get more data on your Instagram account, you can also use third-party applications to measure the success of our Instagram campaigns, growth over time and success of our hashtags.

With the business Instagram you will be able to see best posting times of day, days of the week, etc. by looking at your insights to help you determine metrics and it helps as you focus your strategy will also help determine both your success and ability to repeat what’s working and what to cut.

9 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile and Posts

1. Your Business Username

Not only is your username/handle a prominent piece of your business profile, it’s also what your users will use to find you. Make sure to use a recognizable username.

2. Make Your Profile Public

3. Since your goal is to build an Instagram following, make it as easy as possible for people to follow you.

4. Your Business Name

Make sure to add your full Business name to the “name” section in settings. This will appear under your profile picture and under your handle in search.

5. Add Links to Your Bio

Adding a link to your description section will make it easy for followers to go straight to your website.

6. Location

When people see beautiful photos, they often want to know where they’re taken.

7. Post Relatable, Inclusive Content

The more your users relate to the content you’re posting, the more likely you are to get more followers. Customize Your Posts

8. Don’t forget to use filters, tags, links, and hashtags to your photos. No one wants to look (or like!) pixelated, blurry images.

9. Calls-to-Action Links

If you want your followers to take action (like enter a contest), you have to call them to do it! Don’t forget to use links in your captions for your CTAs.

August 2016, Instagram introduced a new feature that looks remarkably similar to Snap-chat. Instagram stories. While traditional Instagram posting is reserved for creating picture-perfect content for users to engage with, stories is all about posting quick, transient moments without worrying about over-posting.

Stories are hosted on a different part of the Instagram platform. While your feed will continue to show your traditional content, Stories live at the top of the feed.

Your traditional content can be liked and commented on, but your Stories can only be viewed; there’s no real feedback loop on how much your audience likes this new format. They are meant to be quick, unfettered bits of content to showcase snapshots of your business.

Traditional Instagram content is more defined on you and what you do, where you go etc…on

Stories are more for quick to do’s. motivational quick messages or silly content.


Appropriate hash tagging that’s relevant to your goals, content, and brand will help boost your images and will also associate them with trending topics.

The importance of brand identity along with a specific hashtag you create for your business. A lot of brands will use their own brand name as a hashtag, so your brand name can be your handle (username) and also used as a “brand hashtag”. My brand and hashtag is @empowermentisbeauty// #empowermentisbeauty

When coming up with a hashtag for your brand you should make sure it’s something unique enough that it will be relevant to your company and not overlap too much with other brand’s posts (ie, if you are a Nike, rather than using #sneaker you will want to use something like #nike).

When you use a hashtag that you’ve created for your brand you can follow its evolution and start answering important questions such as:

Is the hashtag gaining popularity?

Do your followers use the hashtag?

Is that hashtag gaining you followers?

Below are the 11 elements of setting up an Instagram contest for fast follower growth:

Plan objectives:

Time frame, budget, targets, and benchmarks

Create an entry method for the contest

Find the perfect hashtag

Define a theme for the contest

Outline how winners will be chosen

Devise a method on how the prize will be distributed (ask your legal team to ensure it’s compliant)

Create rules for the contest

Set up a landing page

Promote, promote, promote!



The Instagram for Business tool now allows users to turn their regular Instagram account into a business profile. This makes it easier for users to identify your account as a Business account and get in touch with you directly from the app. It also gives you access to the Insights and Promote tools, which make your life as a marketer much easier.


Previously, businesses could only access information and analytics about their followers and performance through third-party apps. Now, the new Insights tool lets you see who your followers are and what kinds of content performs best for your audience.

Insights also tells you how many total number of impressions, reach, and engagement each of your posts are getting. This information is invaluable to marketers because it helps you tailor your Instagram posting strategy over time.


Your primary focus on Instagram should be creating Instagram content that performs well with your audience or followers.

Previously, you could only advertise on Instagram through the Facebook for Business platform. But with the Instagram for Business tools, you can now promote posts right within the app.

Instagram is a growing channel that will allows you to grow and actually humanize your brand, recruit future employees, showcase your product, company culture, delight customers, and generate new business. All with images you can create and share!

Give it a shot:

Make a profile, start testing and learn from what works and what doesn’t. Have fun and for one month try mapping your content.

Set aside a few hours once a month to map out each day for a month on social media in general.

For your free purpose to profits mapping content template just visit