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Lifestyle Bundle

Don’t compare what you can do in the next six months to what happened in the last six months, God is doing a new thing in your life! The same God who put the dream in your heart is going to empower you, anoint you, and favor you to accomplish it!

I’m praying for you and believe that you will make decisions and create visions that will propel you into your destiny. You are loved and appreciated!

What are your biggest goals you still need to achieve this year? Where do you need God’s favor on your life? Don’t limit what God can do when you sow your best seed today... Click the Donate button for the Lifestyle Bundle for your gift of $24.

With your gift of $24 I want to send you the Lifestyle Bundle Offer  to help you take control of your life and enlarge your vision of what God can do for you. This package includes At-A-Glace 2023 Calendar  and one of my favorite resources to keep your dreams alive and in front of you, My Create Your Life 30-Day Devotional & Lifestyle Workbook

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